As Ghanaians celebrate Christmas holidays, the Eco Conscious Citizens have warned that, noise making is a criminal offence and it is also against the bye-laws of the country.

A statement by the group said, the Environmental Protection Agency has permissible sound levels for day and night and has responsibility to deal with environmental issues including noise pollution. “Unfortunately, the authorities do not deal with noise pollution in a robust manner and some Police officers are reluctant to take complaints and sometimes refuse to do so unless one has the confidence to insist and remind them that it is a criminal offence under the Criminal Offences Act 1960, Act 29”, it said.

According to the statement, Municipal Assemblies are also reluctant to act and hide under not having sound meters.

It said, most bye-laws laws clearly state that noise should not go outside the confines of one's property and the absence of a sound meter does not prevent action from being taken.

Eco-Conscious Citizens has therefore advised persons affected by noise pollution to form neighbourhood groups and report to the police if it happens outside office hours.

“Sound meters can be downloaded free from the Internet and we have handed in a petition on noise pollution addressed to the Speaker of Parliament, the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader and we urgently need noise teams who can deal with noise pollution and seize equipment if necessary”, the statement revealed.

The statement advised that, churches, drinking bars and event centres in residential areas should be sound proof, urging every Ghanaian to be active citizens and not spectators and must be prepared to take legal action to restore sanity.

“Lawyers who are able to offer their services should please contact”, the statement added.