Residents of Gbanyamni in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region have accused the government of destroying their only source of water through the initiative of One Village, One Dam.

Residents say the dam was their only source of water but the contractor who undertook the project destroyed it instead of digging another one for them which has led to their suffering

They said, the uncompleted project has worsened their livelihood as they are going through water crisis in the community and had to travel to distant places in search of water.

When a team of journalist visited Gbanyamni, they observed that, the dam had dried up and the current condition is affecting both humans and animals.

Speaking to some of the residents, they explained that, pipe-borne water has been absent in their community for many years and have always rely on the only water source which has been destroyed as a result of the 1village 1dam project.

They revealed that, despite many appeals for assistance, the government has failed to attend to their needs.

Afa Aliu Mahama who spoke on behalf of the Chief of Gbanyamni, Naa Alhassan Kasim, noted that, the water crisis is affecting the entire community and has therefore appealed to concerned organizations to come to their aid.