For decades, sand wining has become prevalent along the coast, where fishing is predominant and the Adzido Landing Beach in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region is no exception.

The practice results in floods, and destruction of turtles’ nestling grounds which is unfriendly to fishing and tourism, together with destruction of landing beaches thereby reducing communities’ economic avenues and ecosystem along the river banks.

Residents of Adzido told that, the depth of the river has been reducing drastically over the years in the area due to silt as a result of the activities of the sand winners which the Keta Municipal Assembly has failed to act.

Mr Dzokoto, a resident explained why it is imperative that government quickly intervene to stop the illegal activity. “What happens is that whenever storm waves associated with high tides occurs, that results in significant flooding which brings about loss of properties, leading to huge financial burden on individuals, families and the government”.

Some of the women in the area said, many of them have tripped as a result of the big holes left behind, sustaining various injuries. In addition, the women complained about the disappearance of sea turtles, which they linked to the activities of sand winning.

They have therefore appealed to the government to quickly intervene to stop the illegal activity and its devastating effect at Adzido Landing Beach, adding that, if the trend continues, the erosion to neighbor towns and villages will have dire consequences.