Savannah Regional Minister designate, Saeed Jibril Muhaz has disclosed that, government is putting in place interim measures to solve the Damongo water crisis.

Mr Saeed Jibril in a speech as part of activities marking two (2) years of the creation of the Savannah Region said, the Ghana water company has deployed two water tankers to help in the distribution of water in the Damongo township.

He added that, 30 boreholes which include 15 mechanised boreholes and 15 hand pumps have also been secured by the member of Parliament for the Damongo Constituency Hon. Samuel Abu Jinapor as part of the interim measures to help solve the water crisis situation in the municipality.

He said drilling of the boreholes has commenced and would soon end the water shortage situation even before the main water project that is underway is completed.

Savannah Regional Minister designate
The Damongo water crisis

For many years, the Damongo Agriculture Dam has been the main source of drinking water for the residents of Damongo, the capital of the Savanna Region of Ghana.

But, as the region is witnessing a severe harmattan season, the main source of drinking water had dried up, leaving many women and children trekking miles and spending hours at the few available boreholes to get water for their families. Students are also sacrificing their studies to search for water.

But residents are blaming changes in climatic conditions for their woes. Some of the aggrieved residents told that, the region has for some years now witnessed uncontrolled harvesting of rosewoods which are common in the area.

“Apart from the harvesting of the rosewoods, there are other people who are also cutting down the shea butter trees for the production of charcoal and it is no surprise that, the rainfall pattern in the region has completely changed”, Fatimatu Inusah, a resident said.

The USD 49 million Water Project

In June 2020, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo cut the sod for work to begin on the construction of the Damongo Water Supply Project. The USD 49 million Water Supply Project, being financed by the UK Export Finance and Bank is aimed at supplying portable water to the people of Damongo township and its surrounding communities.

The project is estimated to supply water to 68,000 people with an average demand of Eight Thousand, Eight Hundred (8,800) cubic metres of water daily.

The Member of Parliament for the Damongo Constituency, Hon. Samuel Abu Jinapor is assuring the people of Damongo Constituency that, portable drinking would soon reach them, adding that, it would be his biggest achievement as the MP for the area.

He disclosed that feasibility studies, mapping etc for the water project had been completed and pipe laying by the contractor would commence in March this year.

By Zion Abdul-Rauf- Damongo