The Group Managing Director of KSK group of companies Ghana Limited, Chief Kamalrideen Ibn Farid Bagonluri Who is a grandson to the late ollo Naa Bagonluri 1 of Saatignee Section of the Nayiri Gate in the upper west region of Ghana has proffered solution to the landguard menace in the country, urging prospective land buyers to always deal with certified companies.

Many unsuspecting land buyers continue to fall victim to the land guard menace in Accra and some parts of the Eastern Region, with many losing their money and sometimes getting maimed in the process.

But, Chief Kamalrideen whose expertise spans in the field of construction, real estate, entrepreneurship and venture capital sees an end to the menace if the right steps would be taken by prospective land buyers.

Speaking in an interview with Accra FM news, the property management mogul said, there are certified companies that deal in land and other property issues in the country and such companies never fail because they have their integrity to protect.

"For instance, if you come to KSK group of companies, we have a wing called Distinguished Touch GH. Ltd which deals with only property and facility management and we have a database of all available lands so if one approach us for a land and an area is mention, we just direct you to the owner of the land based on our database and we help facilitate for you, with all documents intact", he explained.

On who should be blamed for the increase cases of landguards in country, Chief Kamalrideen disclosed that, the security apparatus of the country cannot escape from the blame. "They arrest the landguards and they don't prosecute them thereby giving them the license to always commit similar offence. But when you arrest and jail them all these will stop" he added.

He has therefore suggested the establishment of a rapid response unit by the police in every district to quickly attend to such issues and get the culprits face the law, without any delay.

He also noted that, most often when two people clash on a land, instead of going to the owner of the land to resolve it, they rather fight each other leaving the one who sold the land to them. "Meanwhile, the right person to resolve the problem is the person who sold the land for the two of you".

"But, as I said earlier, the most effective way of acquiring a problem free land is to buy it from a certified company like the KSK Group of Companies who consider its integrity very paramount and will not be swayed by just the monetary gains", Chief Kamalrideen said.